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Every month I am going to post the family financial goals.  Ideally they will line up with my 101 goals, but this is the first month and I’m still retraining my brain to think that way.

  • Cash flow D’s smog check on the Tahoe.  We are really unsure if it will pass or not, so this could be a really easy goal to attain, or could end up requiring a lot more thought.
  • Keep within our Christmas budget.  This should be easy enough as we are totally on cash envelopes.  Which leads me to our next goal…
  • Keep detailed track of where and how much we spend from our envelopes.  We have been doing a lot of stealing from one envelope to pay for something from another category because that envelope is empty.  It makes it very hard to review the budget.  So this month we are writing down everything.
  • Eat at home all month.  This is always very hard for me.  I tend to get a little princess-y and not want to cook in the evenings.  I am trying out some new-to-me tricks that I will post about later.
  • Put something (anything) into the Emergency Fund.  I have tweaked the budget a little and so far it looks like we will be able to deposit $39.  Not good.  Which again, leads me to the next goal…
  • Try to come up with $100 of random, extra money.  We have cans that need to be recycled and change that needs to be rolled, as well as I’m expecting a couple of $15 rebates. 

 I will come back weekly and update on my progress.  Wish me luck!!


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