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Let them hear from you!

Have you ever purchased something from the grocery store and not been satisfied with it?  Especially food items that really can’t be returned?  Have you ever tried to contact the distributor of the product to let them know?  Or maybe you have a product that you love, have you every called and told the distributor that?  I highly recommend that you do; it can turn out very beneficial to you and your pocketbook.

For our Thanksgiving potluck at my Mom’s house I was in charge of bringing the sweet potatoes and the brussels sprouts.  The brussels sprouts were great, no problem.  The sweet potatoes on the other hand…well let’s just say I hit a snag. 

I make sweet potatoes that are the candied version with pecans.  (My mouth waters just thinking about it!)  Anyway, I use canned potatoes.  This year I thought I would just need 2 cans, but then later thought better and ended up buying another can, but from a different store.  Thanksgiving morning I started to make my dishes and opened one of the first two cans.  The potatoes and the light syrup they were in did not look like I remembered then from the previous year.  They were brown and the syrup was really thick.  So I opened the next can and it was a little better but still not right.  I thought something was up so I opened the third can.  It was like angels came out and sang when I saw how beautiful the potatoes were.  They were bright orange and the syrup was really the light syrup it was supposed to be.  I ended up high tailing it to the store I got it from and bought 3 more cans (I think the fright of not having sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving was a bit much for me so I ended up buying more than I needed!)  Thanksgiving was saved!

I saved the cans and decided to call the distributor.  They were so nice!  They apologized up and down for the two cans and were determined to make it right for me.  Pretty soon, via FedEx, I should be receiving a check to reimburse me for the two cans, an assortment of their other canned products, and several coupons to use in the future.  I am so excited, and so glad I took the 5 minutes to contact them.

I have done this before with a cereal that we really like, but could never find any coupons for.  I called them and told them how much we loved the cereal and asked if they ever printed coupons for it.  They were so happy to hear from me that they sent out 4 coupons for free cereal!

So it really does pay to contact these people.  All of the packages have a phone number and usually a website that you can visit.  Take a few minutes soon to contact one of your favorite distributors.  You may end up being glad you did!


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