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This was it!  Only my second week of really trying and all that there was to throw out was some old garlic that had sprouted.  Oh, and some mac ‘n cheese that I forgot to take a picture of.  That was it though.

I tried very hard to use things up this week.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I think that had a lot to do with how I have really started to also pay attention to the things that I am buying at the grocery store.  I’m really trying to stick to my list and that is made completely from my meal plan.  No extras! 

I definitely learned that I don’t need to cook up an entire package of spaghetti when I make it.  I ended up having it for lunch for 3 days in a row to make sure it got used up!  Then we had six smallish sized apples that no one was eating.  So I took it upon myself to make an apple crisp.  It’s sure not to go to waste now!

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One of my goals is to reduce our food waste.  When I think about all the time and effort we go to with our budget, how every little penny counts, to think that we are throwing food away, it just makes me cringe.  Money straight in the garbage.  So every week I am going to join The Frugal Girl and post pictures of our food waste.  The hope is to end up not posting any pictures, which would mean that we didn’t waste anything.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen this week.

We had a tomato go bad.  I was going to use it our salad on Monday night, but I was too late.  The top container was some leftover salsa from a local Mexican restaurant that we just couldn’t eat in time.  The bottom container was some leftover tomato sauce.  I just didn’t know what to do with such a small amount.  All in all, for my first week, I guess it’s not too bad. 

On the postive side, there were some peas that I was thinking were going to need to be included in the picture.  Then I remembered an idea I read somewhere to save all your scraps in a bag in the freezer to make a hodge-podge soup, so I started that.  I added some torn up pasta shells and some leftover turkey.  There was enough turkey, ham and stuffing leftover on Monday for one lunch for D, so I put that in a bag in the freezer too.  It’s so fun to be successful!

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